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in congress and there will be 20 female senators in january. >> john mcafee aez bizarre saga continued he says he's hiding in belize with a female companion, again denying killing his neighborhood last weekend and says he won't surrender because he's afraid police antigang units will kill him. a strange story. parts of san francisco city hall are still running on emergency power tonight. a fire tripped a sprinkler system knocking down power to parts of the building. crews working to restore power to third and fourth both floors closed by the mayor today. across the bay, police agreed to pay nearly $5 million for a claim they were illegally strip searched by officers. city council approved the deal, several lawsuits filed by men claiming they had their pants pulled down on city streets from 2002 to 2009. that settlement will be distributed to about 39 men. >> authorities released pictures of four men suspected of distributing child pornography arrested yesterday after police searched six search warrants. 100 officers took part in this operation. >> santa cruz police looking for an armed robber
be the scandal that started david petraeus's affair. general john allen is under investigation for owe potentially inappropriate e mails. the complaint about an anonymous e mail that uncovered petraeus affair. general allen deny s wrong doing but allegations could cost him one of the jobs in the military. >> the president has cut on hold the nomination pending the investigation of the conduct by the department of defechbs. >> reports say investigators shifting through 20,000 pages of durmts involving allen and kelly. >> the story is very complicated so let's take a look at the players and how they're connected. david petraeus admits he had an affair with his biographer, kelly is a close family friend of david petraeus. right? following me so far? an fbi investigation revealed kelly and general john allen exchanged e mails some described as flirtatious skpin appropriate. general allen received an e mail trace to paula broadwell found alarming he told kelly that may have triggered the investigation. there is a fifth player in this. right here. an fbi agent to whom kelly turns to for help
. they need to make a better case on the tax policies. >> today john boehner stressed election was not a mandate for raising taxs.. >> and stocks sank on wall street. dow saw the worst day of the year. the nasdaq and dow drop considerably. others a they expect that had drop off if barack obama won. the president and congress cannot agree on an expiring $800 billion plan. >> workers strike against railly supermarket led to an arrest. tonight union employees gathering to show solidarity. alan wong is live at the railly's tonight with the story. >> there are communications director arrested here at the knob hill store. i'm told there is a dispute over a paycheck so a company spokesperson for the store chain says he was arrested for assaulting a railly's employee. this sunday nearly 8,000 uscw members have been onstrike and sea the railly's knob rilhill store chain wants to take way their family and retiree medical benefits as well as their sunday and premium pay. united food and commercial workers union is made up of mostly cash years, butchers, service clerks and produce workers.
. waits hailing this morning. some of you kind enough to send pictures. we expected hail and snow on john sent this to you report. this is aqú observatory, it will be closed as long as there is snow there. so don't try to check it out. temperatures in the 50s and will be falling. possible thunder and snow. near reezing conditions expected saturday and sunday morning so here is a chill. 31 in santa rosa. 32 degrees in napa. mid 30s this morning. bundle up, low 40s around the coast and bay. early morning showers expected then, rest of the weekend looking just fine. here is a low continuing to bring in unstable air. here is your animation. showers coming in. you notice they're along the coastline here, they will just pivot here early morning hours, still//%r seeing wet pavement ot there. sierra nevada still have a winter weather advisory. three inches of snow expected with the blowing snow and gusty winds. saturday 50s to low 60s. by afternoon, monterey bay, temperatures remaining well below average again. it will be dry for afternoon. cold mornings this weekend. veteran's day festivities a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4